Wireless USB Dongle

Wireless USB Dongle
Connectivity dongles are popular nowadays with the progress of new technology. To engage with the birth of these technologies in various fields, people innovate these USB dongles as transition devices in order to bridge outmoded products which are being eliminated. USB dongle is designed tiny as a portable hardware and let user can easily attach to PC/TV or other devices, using the USB dongle enable devices to connect to wireless systems or wireless networks through BT/WiFi/3G/CDMA 4G LTE/5G ZigBee/Z-wave and other wireless solutions. To build-in an embedded antenna inside a USB dongle, LYNwave R&D team will simulate first by using professional software to ensure the RF performance can satisfied under a critical design situation.Wire type antenna is usually chosen in order to increase the performance in such limited space which dongle has.

Acess Point / Router

Access Point / Router
To sync the wireless devices together,wireless router performs the "traffic directing" functions upon the Internet. A data packet is typically forwarded from one router to another through the networks that constitute the internetwork until it reaches its destination node.Since the popularity of mobile internet is a trend in recent years, consumer and business demand for mobile data is growing exponentially and providers are struggling to deliver enough bandwidth. In order to permit the free flow of Internet gateway for user’s convenience, enterprise, government, merchandise stores, chain stores or even communities are active to set up lots access points and routers around them. With this growth trend, antenna spec for a router is evaluated from 2by2, 3by3, 4by4 or even more antennas in the future. Technical people innovates new generation routers which are software-based to get a better performance. LYNwave have experienced in embedded antenna placement for the variety of access points and routers. We also provide PCB layout guideline in the early development stage.

Wifi Repeater

Repeater / Bridge
To let the wireless signal cover longer distance, repeater is the popular internetworking device which receive and re-transmit the signal at a higher level or higher power, or onto the other side of an obstruction. Repeater, which also called wireless range extender, can fulfill the demand of wireless coverage and are not normally used to add more devices to a network, only to extend the distance a workstation or group of workstations located from other parts of a network. Concerning the repeaters are normally designed as small with an AC plug, engineer optimize on system cooling performance and usually use metal heat-dissipating plate to solve the issue. Lynwave can suggest not only an PCB or metal antenna but also designing the metal heat-dissipating plate as an antenna by previous experience.

IP Camera/ Surveillance

Webcam / IPC Surveillance / Baby monitor
Unlike traditional way of capturing and recording image, consumers now are more likely to see the real-time video on their smartphone or laptop. Companies, who manufacture Internet protocol camera, webcam, or security surveillance products, are dedicated to building in antennas inside their products to send and receive real-time video data via a computer network and the Internet to users by combining the software and smartphone apps. Wireless surveillance devices will be a trend and become very popular in the near future, as we can image, these kinds of applications will be implemented all around our life soon.

Digital Camera

Wireless Digital Camera

With the rapid growth of mobile internet users, people get used to upload their photos taken by smartphone onto online communities. However, the quality of smartphone camera is not always inferior to a more professional one. How to let photojournalists and other pros get their images from the camera to their picture editor or wireless service so they can be posted online shortly after being captured, or let users have an option of uploading photos to the cloud known as a virtual storage site is a new area of digital camera market. Therefore, digital camera companies all want to produce wireless-enabled digital cameras one after another. Through build-in WiFi, NFC or even WWAN/LTE antenna in the digital cameras allow users to connect to a wireless network without using any cables.

Tablet PC & E-book

Tablet PC & E-book
With the progress of the times, science and technology change rapidly, lots of hi-end technology products are developed in various fields. Regarding to the evolution of computer, from the giant machine to a desktop then transferring to a laptop designed for on-the-go use, engineer nowadays innovate the tablet PC which is more popular than laptop owning to its compact size, thin features and light weight. User can easily carry a tablet PC or an E-book in a bag or even in hand, getting on-line all around in daily life. As this benefit, these kind of wireless products are growing acceptability and expansion within the markets of consumers, enterprises, educational organizations and even global governments. The most valuable features of the on-and-go products is wireless communication, therefore the antenna becomes a very important part of it.

Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology
While cell phones added more functions, such as PDA (personal digital assistance)-like or even computer-like features on it, the evolution product comes out as a name “smartphone”. To make a smartphone even smarter, engineers keep innovate new companion devices with wireless technology called wearable devices surrounding smartphone. New findings from leading hi-tech analysts, Juniper Research, has revealed that the global retail revenue from smart wearable devices will treble by 2016, before reaching $53.2 billion by 2019, compared to the $4.5 billion expected this year. The market will be driven by an increase in sales of premium smart watches and smart glasses over the next five years. With regard tothe increased product adoption for smart wearable devices, inventors think in terms of consumer benefits and try to combine wireless solution with our daily stuffs, such as watch, healthcare, fitness, glasses, multimedia, clothing and even jewelry as smart wearable products in this increasingly crowded market.

Internet of Things

IOT (Internet of Things) Products
The Internet of Things (IoT) is embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity to enable it to achieve greater value and service by exchanging data with all kinds of connected devices; it goes beyond machine-to-machine communications and covers a variety of advanced applications and is expected to usher in automation for various fields. The Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a great business from now on owning to wireless products have already changing our life, changing the way we do business, it has already become a part of our lives. The Internet of Things is revolutionizing everything and people are already relying on the Internet of Things, not only about connecting but improving our way of life. IoT market adoption is accelerating because of growth in analytics and cloud computing, interconnectivity of machines and wireless smart devices, and also connection of supply chains, partners, and customers.Through wifi and other wireless solutions, IOT ensure users collect useful data with the assistance of various related software and technologies, and then automatically flow the data between devices.